The World of Blogging: What Is It and How Does It Affect You

Even somebody like me, who has only just gotten started in the blogosphere, understands that there is a much more brilliant side to blogging than the traditional opinion. Blogging is a lot more than a hobby picked up for those few that like to be plugged into a computer at all hours of the day; blogging can be a full time job, as well as being the source of somebody’s business. Some bloggers are making an income of up to six digits! Quite a shocker isn’t it! In this post I will inform you further on what blogging is, what other successful bloggers are up to, as well as how blogging affects you personally.

BloggingWhat is a ‘blogger’:

First of all, let’s make clear that in order to be a successful blogger, you must do plenty of research. There are many decisions that need to be made that, if left untouched, could break your entire business, and more or less, your blog is your business. More than just a realm of personal information, a blog is a strategic vocation that can be  an  influence if built correctly; of course, any work without influence has to be a wasted work since we are called to exemplify a greater good. As for me, I have learned more about what a blog really is by reading blogging tips that others have posted. Here are some fundamental rules to building a blog that I have picked up on:

  • Your blog description needs to be short and to the point.
  • If there is not an “About” section on your blog telling your readers about you, then your credibility will be next to none.
  • Blog posts with photos will attract more attention and stick with the readers longer.
  • You should always monitor the results of interaction that your blog is experiencing on each social media site that you choose to share your work with.

For further tips, I will attach a link to Daniel Sharkov’s blog, ReviewzNTips. Daniel is an experienced blogger who has been drawing in an income for many years.

Bloggers That I Trust:

I mentioned earlier that some bloggers are making quite an income, and Ste Kerwer of Dukeo is one of those bloggers. Dukeo, along with providing in depth advice, is a blog that centers itself around helping others make money online. There are many things that bloggers do to make money and the options are limitless. They can range anywhere from selling photos and stories to renting space and allowing advertisements access to your blog. You can even partner with Ebay and Amazon! For further information on quick ways to make money, click here to visit Dukeo’s 4 Methods To Make Money On The Internet Quickly.

Daniel Sharkov is another really trusted blogger. ReviewzNTips is all about helping bloggers become strategic and knowledgeable about how to build a successful site. Daniel also provides tips on how to implement other software such as Google AdSense and Tweet Adder into their business. I sincerely encourage you to visit his site if you’re interested in learning more.

How Blogging Affects You:

A common term that has spiked since blogging really took off is “citizen journalism”. As you are probably aware by now, bloggers have complete freedom over their blog; therefore, as long as they’re smart, bloggers can virtually say anything they want to. The difference about true journalism is that journalist attempt to portray the news as unbiased and bloggers have the privilege of writing their own opinions. This gives you the opportunity to build on your own personal thoughts with people all over the world. Without a doubt, there is a blog out there dedicated to your interest and it’s just waiting on your subscription!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and I hope that it has given you some valuable insight into what blogging is. Please continue to pass this post along and share it on Twitter and Facebook. Comment with anything you’d like to add below!


4 responses to “The World of Blogging: What Is It and How Does It Affect You

  1. I have known “about” blogging for a while now, but I never really got the idea behind it. I checked out one of your links as well! This really helped me get down to the bottom of this whole blogging gig!


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